Twitter Data Visualization

MongoDB Statistics

  • Number of Tweets in DB 100
  • Search Time (ms) 6
  • Load Time (ms) 4920
  • Reset Time (ms) 14176

  • Wait for map to load with current location. (1-2 secs)
  • Load Click to load 100,000 of most recently uploaded tweets to the MongoDB database. Data will added to existing dataset. (~120 secs)
  • Search for through Twitter for most occuring words. Click on a place on the map and get word frequency back.
  • Data will be pulled and analzyed from DB.
  • Use the text fields to input in coordinates and radius for a specific range search.
  • Reset Click to clear database and create new document. (~30 secs)

Made by Smita, Teju & Varun

Final Project for CS 4440